Saturday, October 4, 2008


This was by far the biggest drunk fest we have ever seen. The festival was packed with people and when you got into the beer tents everyone one was drinking and singing in German. It was quite a sight to see and experience. There were 14 massive beer tents and a huge carnival.

We of course had to stay in Jaeger hostel just for my brother. The trip to Munich for Oktoberfest was short lived. We were there for only a day because it was expensive to stay with the festival going on.

Next destination Prague!


Everything in Switzerland was so incredibly expensive! Thankfully we were able to stay with some family friends in Geneva and in the Rhine. They were so friendly and nice and welcomed us into their home. It was a pretty short trip in Switzerland, but it was well enjoyed.

The day in Geneva we spent walking around and enjoying the sights. Of course we saw the clocks and the famous fountain. We also walked through a park that had a whole bunch of people playing chess with life size chess pieces.

We only had about half a day in the Rhine and we saw the Rhine Falls which is the largest waterfall in Europe and also the family we were staying with took us to a wine festival.

This is Niko and was taken at the wine festival. He just loved all of the tractors, so we got a cute picture of him with one.

Next stop Oktoberfest . . .


We finally found a hostel that has free internet in Amsterdam! Our pictures of Rome are on the hard drive from the laptop that broke :( so we are beginning with our pictures of Venice and when we get back home, we'll get the pictures of Rome up because it was incredible. It was Stephen's favorite place.

So Venice is made up of 118 islands in a lagoon and we walked through about each one of them. It was such an interesting city and filled with so many shops. Definitely a shoppers dream . . . it was hard not to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately we did not go on a gondola ride because it would have cost us about $120 just for 40 minutes.

We went by ferry to two separate islands outside of Venice. The first island was Murano and that is where they make all of their glass objects and do all of the glass blowing. We watched them make a penguin and a carnival person. It was pretty interesting to watch the whole process. The second island we went to was Burano and basically every house was painted a different color.